Colonoscopy Cost

Colonoscopy Cost

A colonoscopy is not many people’s idea of a fun way to pass an afternoon, but it is an important procedure that should not be ignored. Though it is not something a single person undergoes frequently, it is something that should be undergone when recommended. Because of this, colonoscopy cost is the topic for many people’s financial planning. When it comes to medical costs, it is better to be prepared than to be shocked by the cost at a time when your budget does not have the flexibility to accept another high expense. Fortunately, most insurances cover the cost of a colonoscopy, but if you are uninsured, or if your insurance will not pay for the procedure, you will be responsible for the costs yourself.

The Importance of a Colonoscopy

A colonoscopy is a procedure that can detect many health problems including polyps, colorectal cancer, ulcers, and sources of internal bleeding or inflammation. This procedure is invasive, but provides medical professionals the opportunity to clearly see the inside of the colon and take biopsies or remove growths.

To prepare for your colonoscopy your doctor will have you clean out your colon so that it is empty for the test. This can take between 1 and 2 days depending on your health and the type of cleanse that your doctor recommends. For the most part, this cleansing period will consist of a clear liquid diet and the use of a prep solution. The clear liquid diet helps you to remain hydrated while not adding to the contents of your colon. The prep solution will encourage your colon to empty, which will require you to make frequent trips to the bathroom so you should plan to remain at home throughout the entirety of your preparation period. Most people find the actual preparation and cleansing portion of the procedure much more unpleasant and difficult to get through than the colonoscopy itself. During this time you are likely to feel hungry and experience uncomfortable bathroom experiences, but it will last only as long as the preparation before the actual procedure.

When you go to your doctor’s office, or an imaging center, for the actual procedure you will likely be sedated. This is so you will not move or be uncomfortable during the procedure and the doctor will be able to perform the test thoroughly. Once you are sedated a thin tube called a colonoscope will be attached to a very small video camera. This is then inserted through your rectum into the colon. The camera is used for the doctor to view the colon, as well as take pictures of anything suspicious. If necessary, the doctor can then take samples of the tissue of the colon, such as in the event that he finds potentially cancerous growths, or remove polyps. When the test is complete you will be able to resume your normal lifestyle.

This test is an effective way of detecting dangerous health problems so that further intervention can be performed. Having a colonoscopy performed regularly is a step toward protecting and maintaining your health.

Colonoscopy Cost

The costs associated with a colonoscopy vary depending on the location in which you choose to get your test performed, and whether or not you are insured. The approximate costs are as follows:

If you are insured and choose a hospital:

  • Facility cost–$1,300
  • Professional fee–$400

If you are uninsured and choose a hospital:

  • Facility cost–$5,630
  • Professional fee–$670

If you are insured and choose an ambulatory surgical center

  • Facility cost–$670
  • Professional fee–$400

If you are uninsured and choose an ambulatory surgical center

  • Facility cost–$2,350
  • Professional fee–$670

If you are insured and choose an independent endoscopy center

  • Facility cost–$660
  • Professional fee–$350

If you are uninsured and choose an independent endoscopy center

  • Facility cost–$2,300
  • Professional fee–$570

It is possible that the anesthesiologist that will sedate you will charge for their services separately. This fee is an average of $250 but may be more depending on the complexity of your sedation. Polyp removal can also increase your costs. The cost of this procedure ranges between $200 and $300. You may be required to pay a separate deductible or co-payment for these elements of your colonoscopy cost.

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