Cost of 0844 Numbers

Cost of 0844 Numbers

The use of 0844 numbers has become quite popular among businesses in the UK as a means of generating supplementary revenue while also providing a reliable way for customers to get in contact with the company. These numbers represent a revenue sharing opportunity that allows a portion of the pay-per-minute cost of the phone call to be paid directly to the company. The more calls that are received on this number, the more income can be generated. These numbers are generally very easy to subscribe to and put into action, meaning that they can quickly become a means of boosting your business’s revenue without investing a tremendous amount. The cost of 0844 numbers can be described in two parts: an initial set-up portion, and the maintenance costs associated with the subscription. These costs are generally far outweighed by the passive income generated by their use.

Initial Cost of 0844 Numbers

In order to begin using a 0844 number to supplement revenue generation for your business you will need to begin a subscription with a provider and have the service set up. This is where the initial cost of 0844 numbers arises.

There are generally two types of services packages from which to choose, though each provider will determine their own pricing and availability. The first type of package includes a set-up cost of an average 10 pounds. This set-up includes a connection fee, rental of the line, and a contract if necessary from the particular provider. This type of provider generally has no monthly service fees. The other package offers free set-up services, but has a monthly fee of around 15 pounds.

You may also encounter higher costs depending on the particular services that you request. Most providers offer certain 0844 numbers free. These numbers are generated by random and though you may be able to choose the exact one that you wish to use, it will have little or nothing to do with your business. If you would rather choose a 0844 number that is memorable to your current or potential customers, however, you can expect to pay a higher fee for such numbers. Memorable numbers are important to business because they make it easier for customers to call them. If a customer can quickly recall a phone number they are much more likely to call that number than if they had to go around looking for the number, or use a written reminder to dial. It may also be possible to choose a 0844 number that is created to coordinate in some way to your company. The more specific and more memorable the number that you choose is, the more you will pay to subscribe to it. Premium numbers have an average cost of between 5 and 15 pounds.

Most providers also allow businesses to decide if they want the 0844 number to be directed to a landline or to a mobile phone. Depending on the nature of the business, or the size of the network involved in your business, either option may be more appropriate for you. Many providers offer routing to a landline free, while routing to a mobile phone has an average cost of 5 pounds. This cost, however, can be quickly overshadowed by the money that can be saved by not missing important business phone calls.

Other services you can select include day routing, which  means that your calls will be routed to different locations depending on the time of time, call announcements, the ability to track the statistics of your calls online, as well as others specific to providers. The average additional set-up cost of these services is 5 pounds.

Maintenance Cost of 0844 Numbers

Depending on the type of package you select there may be monthly service charges associated with your 0844 number. These include rental fees for the number, routing charges, and subscriptions fees. Some providers do not charge these fees due to the money that they intend to make from the calls themselves. Others charge monthly fees between 10 and 50 pounds.

The cost of 0844 numbers can quickly make up for itself when you consider that the average cost of such a call is 5 pence per minute, with 1 pence immediately crediting to your business. If you can generate a high volume of calls you can not only pay for the service, but add a significant amount to your monthly income.

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