How Much Are Colored Contacts?

How Much Are Colored Contacts?

Do you wear the same shoes with every outfit that you put on? How about the same jacket, jewelry, or makeup? If the answer is no, why would you resort to having the same colored eyes every day? You may think that the color of your eyes is something that was determined long before you were born and can’t be changed, and while that’s partly true, you do have some control over your in-born characteristics. With colored contact lenses you can select the color, and even pattern, of your eyes to match your outfit, your mood, or where you are going that day. There’s no reason to settle for just one look when there are so many options for colored lenses. And because they are available in prescription and non-prescription versions you don’t have to have vision problems in order to take advantage of changeable eye color. So, how much are colored contacts?

What is a Colored Contact Lens?

Contact lenses are very thin, flexible (in most cases, though there are some special prescription lenses that are thicker and rigid, but those are not the types used for colored contacts) lenses that are placed directly on your eye. When worn correctly they are undetectable both by the person wearing them and everyone around them.

Colored contacts are the same idea as normal contact lenses but they feature a layer of colored or patterned material between two layers of regular gel material. This colored layer lines up with the iris, or the colored part of the eye, and either changes or enhances that color. There is a wide variety of colored contacts available, from regular colors such as blue, brown, and green to change or enhance natural color, to wild colors and dramatic patterns such as full-black lenses, animal prints, or purple lenses. Those that are created for the purpose of looking natural often feature a dark ring around the colored portion and natural-looking patterns called striations throughout the color to give them the appearance of eye color that was born in.

Dramatic or costume colored contact lenses are made specifically for the purpose of creating a striking appearance that can be worn to make a statement, fit in with a costume, or enhance a party or other event. There are even lenses enhanced with black light capability that glow a neon shade when exposed to such light.

Difference between Prescription and Non-Prescription Contact Lenses

Most contact lenses are created to address vision impairments. Like glasses, the gel-like material modifies the way the eye works so that vision problems will be fixed and the wearer can see clearly. This is what is referred to as a “prescription” lens. Because many people want to take advantage of the ability to change their eye color to match their mood that day, or even to choose a color that they will wear at all times to “permanently” change how they look to other people—this is especially popular among people who dye their hair because they want to complete the look—even if they don’t need vision correction, there are many companies that offer non-prescription colored contact lenses.

Non-prescription contact lenses are nothing more than layered gel-like material that is placed directly on the eye to adjust the color of the iris. They make no difference in how the wearer sees, so even if you have perfect vision you can choose a pair of these lenses and wear them to change how you look.

How Much are Colored Contacts?

Colored contact lenses are a surprisingly affordable fashion accessory. Many people actually choose to purchase several different pairs so that they have options for how their eyes will look on any particular day. The style of colored contacts will affect how much you will pay for the lenses.

On some sites you can purchase single lenses so you can customize a pair and constantly change the look of each individual eye. The average cost of a single colored contact is between $10 and $25, depending on the effect. Fantasy effects such as shimmer lenses or those with pictures in them cost around $25 per pair, while natural-looking lenses have an average cost of $35-$40 per pair. The most expensive colored lenses are those that change the color of the entire eye, not just the iris. A pair of black lenses of this type costs around $250.

When you are considering a makeover, or just a new look for a special occasion, “how much are colored contacts?” can be the start of planning something truly memorable.

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