How Much Are iPhones?

How Much Are iPhones?

Nearly anywhere you look you will see someone using their cell phone. A few years ago that would mean that people would have a device held up to their ear and would be engaged in some sort of conversation. Now that is just as likely to mean that the person is updating their social media network page, reading their grocery list, or sharing a new favorite song with someone. Cell phones have evolved dramatically from the simple beginnings to amazing devices called iPhones. If you are a lover of technology, or are simply looking for a way to streamline your communication and the organization of your daily tasks you may be interested in replacing your old cell phone for an iPhone. So, how much are iPhones?

The Evolution of iPhones

The origin of the modern cell phone started decades ago with car phones. These phones were exactly as they sounded: phones that were actually attached to the inside of a car. They were essentially the same as cars that were inside homes, with cords and a separate handset and cradle. Eventually this progressed to the first cell phone. This was a clunky device that rivaled home phones in size and heft, but were revolutionary for the time. Over the years cell phones progressed into pieces with more sophisticated technology and as this happened, their average size shrank. Soon it became a status symbol to have the smallest and thinnest cell phone available. For a few years the capabilities of cell phones remained relatively stable at making phone calls, sending and receiving text messages, taking still pictures and even video recordings. In recent years, however, consumers have wanted more out of their phones. This is where the iPhone was born.

Like other devices referred to as SmartPhones, iPhones are essentially tiny computers. They are capable of performing a huge array of tasks from the simplest of call functions to much more complex activities such as browsing the internet and handling thousands of so-called “apps” which are small programs created to do a variety of things such as organize shopping lists, allow the download and reading of books, playing games, and even creating music.  Many people scarcely use a computer anymore because their phones have the ability to do nearly everything that a computer can do, and even more.

How Much are iPhones?

After the iPhone was created it, too, went through a series of evolutions during which it became more complex and capable of more functions. The most recent version is the iPhone 4. There are several tiers of pricing for these phones, determined by the type of service that you choose and if you are a new customer.

  • New customers that are willing to sign up for a two-year contract will get the lowest prices on the iPhone 4. The 16GB version is $199, the 32 GB is $299.
  • Existing customers that are not eligible yet for an upgrade will have to pay higher prices: the 16GB is $399, the 32GB is $499.
  • A “No Commitment” purchase, or one in which you do not have to sign a service agreement, will carry pricing of $599 and $699 for the 16GB and 32GB, respectively.
  • Full retail pricing will apply to Verizon customers who are not eligible for an upgrade. For a 16GB this is $649, for a 32GB it is $749.

How Much is iPhone Service?

When asking “How much are iPhones?” you only consideration shouldn’t be the price of the device itself. You must also consider the monthly service charges associated with the phones. Due to the complexity of the phones, these charges are often higher than those of simpler styles of phones. You can choose a plan that is focused only on phone calls with an average cost of between $39.99 and $69.99 per month. Other services such as texting and data will add on to these charges. Text plans generally range from around $5 per month to around $20, depending on how many messages you want to send and receive. Data plans, which allow you to go online and download to your phone, range from between $15 and $80 per month. Some companies offer bundled plans which will allow you to add several lines to one plan, or to have unlimited capabilities.

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