How Much Does a Portuguese Water Dog Cost?

How Much Does a Portuguese Water Dog Cost?

Who Else Wants to Own a Portuguese Water Dog?

If you’re asking how much a Portuguese water dog costs, you should be aware that this is one of the expensive breeds of dogs. But if you know a little more about this breed, you’ll realize that it’s worth its price and do you good in the long run.

A Portuguese water dog typically costs a couple of thousand dollars, and will cost more if it’s particularly a girl and you want to breed them. These dogs are expensive because they’re also one of the smartest breeds and they make great companions. Portuguese water dogs are intelligent and easy to train. A lot of people decide on getting a PWD also because they want to enter competitions.

Because PWD are working dogs, they learn very quickly and really enjoy being trained. They also have a fantastic memory for names and would be perfect to remember tricks which include such. If you plan to have a PWD, you should buy from a breeder and require the necessary vaccination papers. You could opt to buy from a pet store, but chances are they will be more expensive and you won’t know how they were raised.

But the best chance you have at owning a PWD, you should definitely adopt one from a shelter near you. The Portuguese water dog cost is somehow big, and if you didn’t know or expect you’d spend that much, consider the other alternatives to choose from. You can also consider getting a Labradoodle if you another breed that’s more affordable but just as interesting and cute.

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