How Much Does a Segway Cost?

How Much Does a Segway Cost?

Who Else Wants to Ride in Style?

Segway is probably one of the most convenient and coolest things on earth. If you don’t know what a Segway is, then you’re missing half of your life. A Segway is a personal transporter that you basically control. You lean forward and you get to steer it, you lean backward and you go backward too. It’s convenience in two wheels.

However, convenience doesn’t necessarily follow budget-friendly. How much does a Segway cost? Are you ready to know the answer? It can cost up to $6,000 on Amazon. If you’re planning on buying a Seway, you should consider all your options first and your needs before deciding to shell out thousands of dollars for this.

Pros and Cons of Getting a Segway

While other vehicles are relatively more expensive than the Segway, with all the insurance cost and the maintenance and the fees, Segway proves to be the less expensive one. But considering what it does, it’s still pretty pricey on its own. Policemen on patrol in malls are the ones who usually use the Segway, to make their jobs easier and so they can catch people easily, or so I heard.

So unless you’re in the same line of work as the police or guards who roam around malls, there may be little motivation for you to purchase the Segway. Segways work best in places with adequate sidewalks, those with enough space for it anyway. They also work perfectly for when you visit theme parks. It will make your tour so much easier and much faster than when you tour by foot.

If you want to get cheaper Segways, there may be some available on different online retail stores that sell second-hand stuff. However, you have to remember that because it’s second-hand, there’s a possibility that you might spend more money for the repairs than when if you just bought a brand-new on. Nonetheless, there’s also a chance you’ll get something worth your money, which is still in good condition.

Different people have different priorities. If you want a Segway you have to be prepared and loaded.The Segway cost is definitely very steep, so it’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth your money or not.

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