How much does Chantix cost?

How much does Chantix cost?

Who else wants to successfully quit smoking?

If you’re already asking, “how much does Chantix cost?” that means you’ve already considered quitting to smoke, which is good news. First of all, congratulations because it’s not an easy decision. A lot of people always feel that they’re helpless when it comes to smoking, so it takes a lot of guts to admit your addiction and to decide to finally put an end to it.

Chantix is the new solution to help smokers quit faster, easier, and more conveniently. When you smoke, you inhale nicotine which then releases a chemical called dopamine. Dopamine is responsible for the feeling of pleasure you feel after you smoke, and is responsible for making you want to smoke another one, and another one, until you’re already addicted to smoking. Chantix is especially formulated to block the feeling of pleasure when you smoke, which then eliminates the desire to smoke from your body.

Secrets of Chantix revealed!

Chantix is quite different from other and previous smoking cessation products that are on the market today. It doesn’t include nicotine, and its main ingredient is varenicline, a powerful drug that workds directly to the brain to stop nicotine receptors that are responsible for making the person addicted to it. It’s also made by Pfizer, one of the leading drug companies so you’re sure you can trust it. Chantix is only available through prescription so make sure you pay your doctor a visit to try this new drug. Chantix is currently about $68 a box and you usually need to follow a certain routine. On the first three days you only take one pill a day, then for the succeeding days, until the 12th week of your medication, you take two pills daily, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

A precaution for people who want to try Chantix is that it can be harmful to the kidneys. People with certain kidney problems should discuss about taking this drug first, as well as those who are taking other medications that could complicate with this drug. Some people might find the cost of Chantix a little bit pricey, but it’s considered to be one of the most promising drugs there is on the market today so it’s worth checking out with your doctor.

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