How much does it cost to get into Brookfield Zoo?

How much does it cost to get into Brookfield Zoo?

WARNING: Don’t Even Think of Going to Brookfield Zoo Until You Know the Cost

The cost to get into Brookfield Zoo varies depending on the age of the visitors. So if you’re going with more children, your admission will be cheaper than when you go with adults. There is also a new ticketing system that’s happening at the Brookfield Zoo. Currently, they aren’t doing online sales because of some technicalities but the tickets can be purchased at the north and south gates.

There’s membership being offered at Brookfield Zoo, so if you’re a member you practically have free admission. But for those who aren’t members of the zoo, the ticket prices are as follows:

Apart from the admission tickets, there are also parking fees. For non-members who have a car or van, the fee is $8 and for those who have trucks, it’s $10.75. There’s also special fees for different shows so if you want to have more fun at the zoo, check this shows out, especially now that you know the cost to get into Brookfield Zoo.

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