How Much Does it Cost to Register a Copyright?

How Much Does it Cost to Register a Copyright?

Are you a budding musician? Or perhaps a writer finishing her first novel? Whether you’re an artist, an inventor or even an entrepreneur coming out with fresh product ideas, one of the most important things you have to do is register a copyright. How much does it cost to register a copyright in the United States?

According to the Copyright Law of 2009, registering a copyright online would cost around $35. If you want to register using a paper Form CO with a barcode, it would cost about $50. For single paper form registration, the cost would be $65.

Almost all copyright registrations can be done online. Since it’s cheaper and more convenient, it is the best way to register. There is a 9 month wait for your electronic application process, however, and sometimes filing can take up 22 months. So make sure you get started on the procedure early.

If the copyright you’re registering is pretty simple, you don’t need a copyright attorney. But in more complicated cases, such as multiple authors, transfer or rights, etc., it is best to hire a lawyer.

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