How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car?

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car?

Shipping a car is often the most cost effective way to move a car from one place to another. After factoring in the cost of gas and accommodations, the cost to ship a car equates to an equal amount minus the wear and tear on the vehicle. Consumers should consider all the factors of the cost of shipment before selecting a service.

What is the Average Cost to Ship a Car?

The amount varies based upon the type of vehicle and the final destination of the shipment. Typically, the cost to ship a car is between $200 and $1700. The average cost to ship hovers around $1200. Before making a decision to ship a vehicle, first calculate the cost to drive a vehicle the same distance.

Consider a 1000 mile trip across country in a sports utility vehicle (SUV). Typical SUVs will hold an average of 15 gallons. If the average SUV will travel 30 miles on a single gallon, people can travel 435 miles on a single gallon of gas. The entire trip will require 2.33 tanks of fuel or more to complete. With gas prices at $3.50 per gallon, the entire cost for gas will be approximately $160.

Accommodation will be at least $40 per night in the most economical hotel. Most drivers can only safely drive six to eight hours per day. Three nights of accommodations will cost between $120 and $400 per night. Food will also be required. A per diem of $40 per day will equal $120 for one passenger.

Wear and tear on tires, belts and fluids may cost up to $300 or more. The entire trip will cost at least $620 without factoring into the cost of lost time on the trip. Shipping a vehicle door-to-door is more convenient and less stressful.

Factors Affecting Shipping Costs

The shipping method will also affect the price of the service. When shipping internationally, freight is the only way to ship. Most vehicles are loaded on a barge and sailed across the sea. The price will only vary based on the shipping company and the type of car. Shipping to different countries will require different paperwork and prices depending upon the country.

Duty fees may apply depending upon the country. A reputable company will explain all of the potential charges up front. The charges incurred during the shipment will applied the total shipment cost of the car. Any restrictions will also be discussed with the shipper.

Domestic shipping can either be accomplished by train or by truck. These prices are more affordable compared to international shipping. Depending upon the company, the level of protection for the vehicle will vary.

For instance, a car shipped by freight truck may be stored on the interior or exterior. Interior shipment is more expensive. The shipper may be able to make more guarantees regarding the vehicle’s condition upon arrival. If the vehicle is shipped on the exterior, the elements or flying objects may damage the vehicle in transit. Though the company covers these damages, the process is a hassle. Most people would rather avoid the potential for damages.

What to Expect from a Shipping Service

Most shipping services require customers to complete a form so the company can provide an accurate quote. The quote will typically include the cost of insurance and any special charges for exotic vehicles.

The best shipping services will provide tracking of the vehicle throughout the entire process. Most clients follow their vehicle on the Internet for peace of mind. Traditionally, car shipping takes weeks, but the best companies can ship within days. Inquire with the company to determine the estimated delivery time when the price is determined.

The delivery process should also be insured. The ensures the vehicle arrives on time without any damage. Precautions are taken by the driver to protect the exterior and interior of the vehicle. The best companies will also guarantee the delivery date based upon the driver’s past record of performance.

Determine Shipping Service Value and Select the Best Company

The cost of shipping plus the services offered will determine the quote’s value. Determine the value before selecting a shipping company. Numerous companies are available, but only some guarantee five star services. Clients with luxury vehicles will want a five star service to avoid potential damage. This type of service is recommended if the vehicle paint is difficult to match or the car is expensive to repair.

Search online to obtain the best quote for car shipment. Obtain several quotes for the most economical price and best service. Shipping cars is inexpensive compared to the time and effort required.

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