How Much does it take for my Girlfriend to be Happy?

How Much does it take for my Girlfriend to be Happy?

So it’s my girlfriend’s birthday next week. I need to find something great to give her. I wouldn’t something run-of-the-mill – I’d want something memorable and fun for her. With that on mind, how much exactly does it take for my girlfriend to be truly happy in her birthday? Let’s count down the ways:

Depending on how much flowers I plan to give her, these wonderful floral delights are sure to beam a smile in any girl’s face. But with my girlfriend, I won’t settle for less. Roses are an obvious choice – a dozen of them would be great! But to go for something extraordinarily different, I’d want sunflowers instead. These funky flowers, with the 70s and psychedelic feel, are sure to let me any girlfriend relieve the Summer of Love again.

Because she’s my sweetheart, I’m going for something sweet. Not just any cheap chocolate, though. I’d go for selected varieties, those that come in a plethora of flavors. This will help her not tire with the chocolate, and make her even savor it more. Or, I’d go for something even better. A chocolate ice-cream cake, filled with all sorts of chocolate variants, is the best thing for her. Plus, it’ll create a striking and more memorable birthday!

I like dogs. She loves dogs. So it makes perfect sense to get one for her birthday. It has to be a puppy though, so that she’ll get all the tender loving care it normally gives. And it has to be cute, of course! In terms of cute factor, I’d probably go for a Welsh Corgi. The plus side with this choice is that not only are these short-legged wonder-dogs cute as a pin, they’re highly trainable as well! And to top it off with this gift, probably a screening of the movie Hachiko, will create the best birthday she’ll ever have!

Me, Myself and I
I love her, and I want the best for her. She made me my best, so it may work out! A hug to show her that I care, and probably a walk and a picnic in the park – anything, just as long I’m spending her special day with her. It may be a longshot for some, but just being with your partner is the best gift there ever will be.

So, how much exactly will it cost me? Nothing much – for nothing is important for someone you truly love. It’s a priceless thing, love that is!

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