How Much Does Lasik Cost?

How Much Does Lasik Cost?

When considering LASIK corrective eye survey, the price of surgery is among the top concerns for prospective patients. Use this comprehensive guideline on the price of LASIK surgery to ensure you are getting a fair price and put your mind at ease.

To date, the average cost of LASIK corrective eye surgery ranges between $1,000 and $2,200. There are several factors that influence how much you will pay, including the number of appointments needed, the doctor’s history and other individual based factors. Do not be afraid to pay for quality, however also do not pay more than is reasonable in your market.

Calculating Overall Costs

Although some doctors may have you believe you can drop by anytime for LASIK and walk out thirty minutes later with perfect vision, the process associated with corrective eye survey is slightly more complicated than a single visit to the doctor. When opting for LASIK surgery you will have to schedule an initial eye examination to determine the depth of correction needed and any additional concerns your doctor should be aware of. Many doctors also require a follow up visit to check the progress of your recovery and in rare cases some patients need additional corrections made. All these additional trips to the doctor could mean additional costs if you are not aware exactly what is included in the original price you were quoted. Make sure to clarify with your doctor up front whether additional appointments are covered under the cost for your procedure.

Your Doctor’s Level of Experience

A doctor’s experience, medical background and the number of previous LASIK surgeries he or she has performed also impact the price you will pay for your procedure. Check a doctor’s medical accreditation and background before selecting the right surgeon for you. Ask them how many LASIK procedures they have performed and ask them to walk you through the procedure. More experienced doctors should be able to give you more detailed explanations of the process and answer any questions you may have.

While the risks of LASIK eye surgery are relatively small, it is best to choose an experienced doctor to avoid potentially developing any unwanted side effects. In a very minuscule number of individuals, a patient may develop visual symptoms, including double vision or halos. More commonly patients may have a decreased ability to produce tears and may experience dry eyes. A doctor’s level of experience may impact whether or not you experience any side effects related to your procedure, and your recovery time.

Hidden Additional Costs

Other factors to be aware of when calculating the costs of your LASIK procedure are whether or not the price you were quoted is for one eye or two. Although both eyes are corrected in the same procedure most surgeons used to quote prices for LASIK on a per eye basis, since, in some rare cases, patients only needed the procedure performed on one eye. Now, just over 54% of doctors quote one price for the entire procedure, but confirm this is the case with your doctor to avoid doubling your costs.

Also, be conscious of the level of correction required during your surgery. Some doctors used to advertise very low prices for LASIK surgery when only a very small number of patients who only required marginal corrections could actually qualify for those prices. The amount of correction needed to your vision, and any outstanding eye complications, such as an eye disease or malformation will increase the complexity of your surgery and some doctors may charge you an additional amount to cover these more complicated procedures.

The technology your doctor uses may also impact the price you pay. There are several methods for performing LASIK. New technologies include Wavefront Analysis, which uses 3D analysis for extra precision, and ‘all-laser’ procedures where a laser is used to create the incision in your eye instead of the traditional cutting instrument, a bladed Microkeratome. While new technologies can be more precise and have shorter healing times they are also more costly. In a recent survey, conducted by an industry expert, the average price for all three types of procedure was calculated:

  • Average price for LASIK with Bladed Microkeratome: $1,580
  • Average price for an ‘all-laser’ LASIK procedure: $2,059
  • Average price for LASIK with Wavefront Technology: $2,170

What Price is Right for You?

Use these price factors to help estimate the amount you could expect to pay for LASIK. Research several doctors in your area and compare each price you are quoted to ensure you are getting a fair deal. Speak with family and friends who have already undergone LASIK surgery and ask about their experience with financing the survey. Don’t forget to look for a doctor that is knowledgable, helpful, and most importantly someone who you can trust.

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