How Much Does Skydiving Cost?

How Much Does Skydiving Cost?

Many people create what is known as a “Bucket List”. This list chronicles all the things that the maker wants to do or accomplish in their lifetime. Many of these lists include high-adrenaline extreme activities, the most popular of which is skydiving. Skydiving brings participants thousands of feet into the air in an airplane and then sends them leaping out of the side of the plane and sailing through the air until they pull a line to activate the parachute that will catch them so that they can drift safely back to the ground. For some this is a one-time activity that they can add to their list of “I did it once activities” and cross it off of their Bucket List. For others it becomes a passion that they translate into a frequent hobby. Either way, there is a cost involved. “How much does skydiving cost?” is a question that may spearhead a thrilling afternoon or a mind-blowing pastime.

Skydiving Options

There are several options for skydiving opportunities. These speak to the varying degrees of commitment of those wanting to participate in the activity. If you are interested in making only one jump you can participate in a training and tandem-jump package. With this package you will participate in a few hours’ worth of training to prepare you for what is coming with the jump and then you will make the jump actually attached to the instructor. In addition to a tip you should offer your instructor at the end of the day, you can expect to pay an average of $200 to $300 for such a package.

If you are more interested in participating in several jumps you can choose an accelerated free falling package that allows you to train and then take several jumps without being attached to the instructor. A series of these jumps, along with the preparation needed, has an average cost of around $1,500.

The other option is to truly translate this activity into a passion and become certified and licensed so that you can go to any skydive center and participate in jumps without having to go through any kind of training or jump with an instructor. This can also act as an introduction to becoming a skydiving instructor.

How Much Does Skydiving Cost for Training?

The first consideration when planning the cost of skydiving certification training is whether you plan on purchasing your own equipment or if you want to rent such equipment for every training class. Some skydivers rent their equipment all the way through training and then purchase their own after earning certification, while others are more comfortable purchasing their own equipment so that they can get familiar with it throughout their training. Purchasing a good quality parachute carries an average cost of between $2,000 and $7,000. Don’t be tempted to get a used parachute. It may be faulty and you probably won’t get a chance to return it if it fails. You will also need a suit, gloves, helmet, glasses, and boots. This entire outfit will cost an average of $800 to $1,000.

The training itself will be broken into several “levels”. Each level presents different learning opportunities and varying levels of supervision, the cost for the entire series of seven levels is average of $700 to $1,500. Many companies allow you to pay for each level separately, or may bundle similar levels together so that they can be completed on your own timetable and the cost can be spread out. You can usually save money by choosing to train with a group because part of the cost includes the charge for the plane as well as the pilot’s fee. When multiple people train at once these fees are divided amongst all of those involved.

Both during certification and regular jumps you will have the opportunity to purchase videotapes or photographs of your jumps. These can be fantastic mementos and usually run between $25 and $150 depending on the items that you choose.

Skydiving License

After you complete your certification training you can receive your skydiving license. This license entitles you to dive from any skydiving center without need to participate in or pay for additional training. At many companies the cost of the license itself is included in the cost of certification training. If not, the document has an average cost of $25. Renewing this license every few years will come at reduced cost from the initial training costs.

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