How Much Does Weight Watchers Cost?

How Much Does Weight Watchers Cost?

Losing weight can be a difficult and frustrating journey characterized by confusion and stress. Choosing a program that works for you can be instrumental in finding and maintaining weight loss success. When you are able to lose weight safely and consistently, rather than dropping weight quickly only to put it back on and then drop it again, you are more likely to maintain a satisfying weight and improve your overall and future health. Yo-yo dieting is dangerous and can lead to serious health problems, but if you engage in a program that helps you to lose gradually and in a controlled manner you can enjoy the health benefits of being at an ideal weight and maintain these results for the long term. One program that has helped millions of consumers lose weight and maintain their success is Weight Watchers. “How much does Weight Watchers cost?” can be the first question in your quest for a leaner, healthier, happier you.

How Much Does Weight Watchers Cost: Traditional Method

The Weight Watchers company has been around for generations. Over the years the program has changed dramatically, going from a diet plan that was strictly structured and featured specific foods that must be eaten in certain amounts, to a user-friendly format allowing for great personalization and flexibility so each member can develop his or her program around her tastes and habits.

There are currently two main options for being a Weight Watchers member. One is the traditional method which requires members to attend weekly weigh-ins and meetings. These meetings encourage social involvement as well as learning and understanding the ideas and techniques behind the weight loss philosophy of Weight Watchers. These meetings are held by leaders that have found and maintained success on the program. Many people find these meetings to be incredibly helpful because the weigh-in is a form of accountability, and the meetings provide much-needed support and encouragement each week.

New members generally attend an initial meeting during which they have a first weigh-in, receive counseling regarding the amount of weight that they should lose as a first goal, and are given the first set of program materials. At each subsequent meeting members will receive further materials and learn more steps and techniques to help them continue through their weight loss process.

The cost of Weight Watchers in this style can be paid in advance for several weeks, or on a per-week basis. On average, one month of on-location membership is around $40. This cost will vary depending on the location members choose. Each location has its own pricing and may run periodic specials and promotions independent of the larger corporate specials.

How Much Does Weight Watchers Cost: Online Method

Your other option is to be an online member. This program features materials and support located entirely online. Members have access to a variety of interactive tools so they can keep track of eating, physical activity, and progress. This online program provides optimization for men as well as women, and allows people who do not want to attend a weekly meeting to stay on track with the convenience of a computer or SmartPhone.  Members who choose this option will pay an average of $47 for the first month of service, which includes start-up fees. Each subsequent month the cost is an average of $17. Generally this program is paid for several months in advance, though there is a month-to-month plan. The monthly fees will vary depending on the payment plan chosen.

Choosing this option saves time and travel, but can lack the emotional support and accountability as actually seeing a leader face-to-face and reporting for weigh-ins. Those that are organized and self-motivated can use the online tools to report their progress and get online encouragement.

With both options members have the opportunity to purchase branded meals and snacks to help them adhere to the program, but are not required to as with other programs.

Once You Have Reached Your Goal

Once members have reached their weight loss goals they are eligible to become Lifetime Members. This offers the unique advantage of allowing the members to attend meetings free as long as they maintain their weight to within a certain margin of their goal, and continue to attend meetings regularly.

How much does Weight Watchers cost? Much less than the results may be worth.

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