How Much Is An iPAD?

How Much Is An iPAD?

When you hear the word iPad, you’ll probably wake up and keep your attention on the topic. Everyone’s been talking about this latest gadget invented by Apple. It’s one of the coolest and innovative gadget we know. Well what’s so cool about it? It’s the whole package! You can carry this sleek iPad using one hand. It’s the mother version of an iPod Touch. The iPod Touch itself is already a genius invention. What more an iPad? You can play more games like Tap Tap, surf the internet touching the screen, type in your notes, install books and cool applications and a lot more on a bigger screen! It’s everything you need in one cool package.

iPad is quite expensive at this point because it’s still in demand. The cheapest iPad costs around $499.00, which includes Wi-Fi and 16GB memory. While the most expensive iPad costs around $829.00. This one includes WiFi, 3G and 64GB memory, which means you can install a lot of applications and programs in it. It’s like a small laptop you can carry around and even keep it in your shoulder bag. It’s like a large-sized notebook you can use when you’re in class or have presentations in the office.

The price mentioned earlier is the price when you buy straight from Apple. However, if you search more online, you might be able to find cheaper iPad in online stores that give great deals. Also, if you are on a tighter budget, you can try looking for 2nd hand gadgets online. Just be careful in purchasing 2nd hand items. Make sure you test the product before buying them.

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