How Much is the Average Cost of Groceries Per Person?

How Much is the Average Cost of Groceries Per Person?

Who Else Wants to Cut Back on Grocery Expenses?

For you to budget your money well, especially now that times are tough, you will have to know how much is the average cost of groceries per person. This way, you can identify the items that are staple to your grocery list and the items that are the least concern when you do your grocery. But if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t keep a list when going grocery shopping and just buys whatever he fancies, then you’re going to do quite a work.

Calculating the average cost of groceries per person comes most in handy when you’re sharing a flat or a room with someone and you share groceries together. This may be okay with some people, especially with friends, but practicality dictates that we should be careful at how much we spend our money and where we spend it.

See How Easily You Can Determine the Average Cost of Groceries Per Person

To begin your calculation, you will need clean sheets of paper for you and for your flatmate. Write your names on top on separate sheets of paper and under each of your names, write the usual meals of the day that you take. There’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but you might also be taking snacks at least twice a day; not to mention the Friday binges when you sit down in front of the TV having a movie marathon. If possible, do this with your flatmate so you can determine the cost of each grocery item more easily.

List down all everything that you consume on a regular basis first, and then add those indulgences like chocolates or candies later on. Do this for the whole month. When you finally got it all figured out, add them up. Now, once you now the average cost of groceries per person, it’s time to do something about it, especially if it’s steep high. If you’re spending about $200-300 a month, I’d say you’re still not an over spender. $400-800 is already a pretty expensive average cost of groceries per person though, so you should start budgeting

If you have small family, then your expenses can be about $600-700 and over thousand a month if you’re a family of six or more. If you want to cut back on your average grocery cost, you can start by using grocery coupons, or if you’re more versatile, switching to cheaper brands. Because of the worldwide crisis now, it’s becoming a must for everyone, regardless of social status, to have a do-over when it comes to their expense.

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