Skydiving Cost

Skydiving Cost

If you follow the idea that life is short and you should fill it with as many new experiences, thrills, and excitement as possible, skydiving may appeal to you. Whether you want to do it once just to say that you did it, or develop it into a hobby that you participate in as often as you can, you will want to be aware of skydiving cost before you embark on your adventure. The cost of skydiving is split into two basic categories: the equipment that is needed during the jumps, and the actual cost of the jumps.

Equipment for Skydiving Cost

Of course, if you think that skydiving is going to be a one-time experience there is no need for you to invest in your own personal equipment. Skydiving centers have equipment for use by the jumpers and you can rest assured that the equipment is tested and checked periodically to ensure that it is adhering to strict safety guidelines. Having your own equipment, however, allows you to get comfortable with the equipment and not have to pay any rental fees that may be imposed by the diving center or organization that you choose to go through. Most people simply feel better having their own pieces of equipment for a hobby, and like the idea of being able to choose and care for this equipment themselves rather than depending upon someone else to do this for them. Equipment you will need to create a long-term hobby out of skydiving includes:

  • A parachute is the most obvious piece of safety equipment for a skydiver. Do not purchase a used parachute. You have no way of guaranteeing its safety, and learning that it is faulty is not a pleasant lesson. A new, good quality parachute will cost between $2,600 and $7,000.
  • A protective skydiving suit costs an average of $100.
  • Gloves and boots cost an average of $100.
  • Your helmet and glasses will cost approximately $300.

Skydiving Cost

The cost of actually engaging in skydiving jumps varies among skydiving centers and is dependent on several factors. If you have never jumped before you will be required to partake in training courses that will instruct you on the techniques of jumping, as well as the safety measures for the various stages of a skydive. The more experience that you get under your belt, the less supervision you will require during subsequent jumps. When you become an experienced skydiver you will not need the mandatory jumpmaster supervision and support, which will dramatically reduce your costs. It is important to consult the skydiving center that you are interested in visiting prior to making plans to skydive so you can find out their training requirements and the costs involved. Over the span of skydiving centers there are some basic ideas of the costs of participating:

  • If you have not skydived before you will need to participate in a “Level 1” style package, which includes training, jumpmasters, and other support. These packages cost around $300.
  • A “Level 2” package includes jumpmasters to accompany you and often membership in the US Parachute Association, though this is not common amongst all companies. This carries an average price of $200.
  • A “Level 3” package includes just the jumpmasters and carries a price of $160.
  • Progressing through the levels, if you still require a jumpmaster to come with you, which is often required if you are using a facility that offers full training, the average cost of a jump is $140.
  • An exception to these packages is tandem parachuting, in which an experienced skydiver will actually jump with you. The average cost of this type of jump is $185.
  • Once you know how to jump and have completed your training you will pay by altitude. It is common for companies to charge a flat rate of around $5 and then $1 or $2 per 1000 feet of altitude.
  • Some companies also offer memberships or bulk discounts in which the cost of each jump decreases when you purchase multiple jumps at the same time.

Another way that skydiving cost can increase is if you choose to purchase memorabilia such as videos or photographs of your jumps. Videos generally cost between $60 and $100, while photographs are much less.

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