Transmission Rebuild Cost

Transmission Rebuild Cost

Cars are made up of a tremendous number of interrelated parts and systems that work together to make the car run and move. When these parts wear out or stop functioning exactly right the car cannot operate optimally, and may not operate at all. One of the most important parts of a vehicle is the transmission. If this system of your car is not in working order, you will not be able to drive your car. You have a few options when this happens. You can undertake the tremendous expense of a new car or new transmission, or you can have your transmission rebuilt. Transmission rebuild cost is much lower than getting an entirely new transmission and though it does not have the same effect as a brand new transmission, it is a viable option for many cars.

What Does a Transmission Do?

A transmission is a series of gears, rotors, pumps, and bands that work in intricate balance to ensure the car performs its necessary functions including physically moving. The parts that comprise a transmission tend to wear and become damaged after extended use of a vehicle. It is also possible for a transmission to become damaged due to hitting an object in the road or being involved in a collision. When a transmission has become damaged the car can no longer be driven until these issues are addressed.

What is Involved in a Transmission Rebuild?

Some wear and damage necessitates a complete replacement of the transmission with a new system. This can be staggeringly expensive. The alternative is to opt for a transmission rebuild. This process begins with the transmission being removed from the car so that it can be properly inspected. The person performing the transmission rebuild—whether that is a mechanic or the owner of the vehicle—will determine which parts of the transmission are still usable and which are too far worn or damaged to be viable. The transmission is then taken apart and the no longer usable parts are removed. These parts are then replaced either with brand new parts, or refurbished parts depending on the part and the quality of the refurbished part. Of course, refurbished parts will be less expensive than new parts, but using new parts generally ensures a longer life of the transmission. Once these parts are replaced the transmission will literally be rebuilt and then replaced in the car where it will be reestablished as a functional part of the vehicle.

Transmission Rebuild Cost

A transmission rebuild is a viable option for addressing issues with a transmission without having to completely replace the transmission system. Some people choose to do these rebuilds themselves. The cost of such a repair ranges from $150 to $1500. This includes the necessary parts and instructional manuals, which can often be purchased together in the form of a rebuild kit.

Those that do not have the knowledge or skills to perform the repairs themselves, or would simply rather trust such extensive work to someone else, will turn to a mechanic to do the transmission rebuild. The average cost of rebuilding a transmission through a body shop is between $1,000 and $3,500. This cost includes the necessary parts, fees for the labor of the mechanic, and a warranty to protect the purchaser against failure of the parts or service. This cost may increase due to the complexity of the rebuild, and the number of new parts that are needed as opposed to refurbished parts.

Potential Influences on Transmission Rebuild Cost

There are various factors that might influence the cost of a transmission rebuild. You should keep these in mind when preparing to either perform a rebuild on your own transmission, or when shopping around for the right mechanic to entrust with the project. Some of these factors include:

  • The transmission of a manual vehicle is less complicated than that of an automatic, which means that a rebuild on a manual will be less expensive.
  • The more damage or wear that is present on your transmission, the more complex and more expensive the rebuild will be. This is because of the increased cost of labor as well as the need for more parts.
  • Some makes and models of vehicles are more difficult to fix than others, which will make them more expensive.
  • If you are performing the rebuild yourself and do not have the appropriate equipment you may need to purchase an additional kit at a cost of between $150 and over $1000.
  • Some mechanics charge much higher labor fees than others. Make sure you inquire about the particular labor rates that will be charged when getting quotes for the service.
  • Though it may be included in some mechanics’ service, a transmission rebuild will require replacement of the transmission fluid which can cost between $150 and $200.

Though transmission rebuild cost may sound high upon first quote from a mechanic, it is far less than you would pay to completely replace the transmission with a new one, or to purchase a new car. Fortunately, many car owners will need to replace or rebuild the transmission in their vehicles only once in the lifetime of the car, if at all.

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