How Much Does an Exterminator Cost?

How Much Does an Exterminator Cost?

Pest Problems

There are many different types of pests that give homeowners a lot of headaches. These pets can come in the form of bugs, like ants, beetles, termites and roaches. They can also be rodents like rats and mice. No matter what type of pests they are, they have to be exterminated from any home or workplace. These organisms are usually found in locations where there are a lot of shifts in the weather. Depending on the season, these pests may not just be annoying, they can also damage things at home. The worst part of pest problems is that they can actually carry diseases that can be transferred to human body. This occurs when people are bit or when secretions mixed with food or water. Since they are difficult to catch, homeowners may need to hire professionals to eliminate them.

Seeking the help of the professionals to eliminate a pest infestation at home come with a serious price. Recently, a survey claimed that it costs an average of $100 in every quarter for a homeowner to hire an exterminator to keep a house free from pests. At this price, exterminators usually offer a guarantee that if the extermination process was unsuccessful, they can provide service again at no extra cost to the owner.

Type of Pest Problems Versus Exterminator Cost

The type of pests to be exterminated is also a factor considered by pest control professionals. One good example is termites. These pests are quite hard to remove, and they easily grow and multiply. They even cause serious damage to properties and the health of the people who live in them. The average cost for having termites removed by an exterminator is about $1,200. After the extermination process, these professionals should return to ensure that the termites do not harm the other properties in the neighborhood where the extermination was done.

Exterminating termites is more intensive than dealing with others types of pests. Termites can cause a lot of damage, and only professionals know how to remove them and not let them come back. For other pests, like mice and roaches, there are actually many traps, baits and sprays available that can be a more practical alternative to hiring a professional exterminator. Homeowners can use DIY materials to deal with rodents, but might find it hard to use these products eliminate termites. Termite infestations also require a yearly check-up once the area has been cleared.

House Size Versus Exterminator Cost

Depending on the size of the home, extermination costs may vary. The process of extermination requires traps and the utilization of chemicals and poison. The larger the space that these professionals need to set those traps in, the greater the cost will be. Moreover, they need more people to work on the installation and monitoring. In order to compensate everyone who takes part in the process, exterminators will ask for a higher price from homeowners. Exterminators usually charge about $30 to $60 per moth. However, this is only applicable to standard residential spaces for preventative measures. For spaces larger than 1250 square feet, exterminators ask for amounts from $1,300 to $2,500 for their services. Large projects cost much more than standard extermination.

Choosing the Best Exterminator

There are many professional exterminators that home and business owners can find online. Typically, these agencies charge an average of $50 for quarterly or monthly check-ups. This covers the extermination of all sorts of pests and preventive measures inside or outside the house. Other service providers may ask for amounts lower or higher than this. Some have specific prices for different types of pests that customers need eliminated that correspond to the size of the home.

It is a smart idea for homeowners to ask for quotes before requesting service from an exterminator. Comparing the quotes will make them aware of the cheapest services available. This will help people save on the price of the extermination and do away with unexpected charges. Homeowners should also look for exterminators that offer warranty services or money-back guarantees.

DIY Pest Control Versus Professional Exterminator Costs

Many homeowners believe that opting for DIY pest control saves them more money than hiring professional exterminators. The truth is, these products can often waste money rather than eliminating pests at home. Although professional exterminators can be a bit expensive, buying ineffective traps, baits and sprays can be more costly in the long run. This is particularly true with termite removal. Unfortunately, most of the products that are designed to remove termites are not very effective. Homeowners still need to hire professionals to exterminate them all. This means that people spend twice as much as they would when hiring experts to begin with. More expenses may even go to the repair of damaged furnishings due to prolonged termite infestation. Moreover, DIY products do not offered warranties. Many professional exterminators even offer extra services without adding more charges to customers’ bills.

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