How Much Is the Cost of Newspaper Ads?

How Much Is the Cost of Newspaper Ads?

Newspaper ads continue to be the most effective way to advertise your product or service. Even in today’s world having the ease and convenience of the world wide web, newspaper advertising is still going strong and even broadened its range. So how much is the cost of newspaper ads nowadays?

Different newspapers give different quotes for print ads. The price depends on the scope of readership of the newspaper and its reputation among other newspapers in its league. National newspapers charge the highest because of their coverage, but you might find the city newspapers to be very helpful too. But there are a few things you have to consider aside from the price before choosing the newspaper you want to run your ad to.

Wall Street Journal has a steep price, and it’s understandable, considering that it’s known not only nationwide but worldwide. Here’s the cost of newspaper ads for Wall Street Journal as of today:

Full page, black and white – $164,300
Full page, color – $210,300
Half page, black and white – $96,900
Half page, color – $137,595

Cost of Washington Post Newspaper Ads

Full page, black and white – $100, 000

Cost of Los Angeles Times Newspaper Ads

Full page, black and white – $70, 000

Cost of Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The cost of this city newspaper is much more affordable if you compare it to the prices given above.

Full page, black and white – $15, 000

There’s an even cheaper solution, which is to get the local newspapers to run your ad. Some local newspapers will only cost $1, 000 for a full-page in black and white, probably even in color if you can negotiate with them.

When buying newspaper ads, you have to compute the results with the price you paid. If you’re not getting good results, then you have to pick another strategy or another newspaper. The cost of newspaper ads are undoubtedly expensive, so you want to make the most of your money if you’re planning to have a print ad.

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